The Best Sex Toys

Whether you like them throbbing, flicking, buzzing or pulsing, we can all agree that there is nothing quite like a sex toy.  The sensations, vibrations and anticipation can drive us wild with desire, leave us dripping wet, and always, always have us aching for more.  This is our collection of the BEST sex toys to make you moan with delight!

Sex Harness
comfort strap on sex harness


Increase your performance and improve your overall sex life with this comfortable strapon harness! Attach your favorite dildo using its universal design and penetrate your partner all night long! The straps on this Harness are adjustable and will fit up to a 48” waist!



Power Rabbit Multi-Speed Vibrator
sex toy for women multispeed vibrator

“This little rabbit is a decent size and gets the job done! Great for anyone, from new toy users and experienced toy users!” – Meowster, Amazon Review, 2016

If you love clitoral stimulation, the Power Rabbit Multi-Speed Vibrator will satisfy your needs! The bunny ears vibrate and wiggle for ultimate pleasure. You can press the bunny nose onto your clit for direct stimulation! The bullet is positioned right in the tip of this vibrator to ensure intense vibes on your clit or g-spot. “It is very comfortable to use with its curved design and easy to hold at the base.” – Erin, Amazon Review, 2016. When inserted, the unique curves of this toy will massage your g-spot. Flex this toy into any position you desire and give yourself wild orgasms!

Check out the Power Rabbit Vibrator and read the reviews from other women!

Stroking Rabbit
vibrating rabbit stimulator

“Wow is all I can say about the thrusting rabbit.” – Candy Jackson, Amazon Review, 2016

What can increase your lover’s sex drive more than watching you fuck yourself with a toy like the Stroking Rabbit? This toy has so many features for you and your partner to enjoy. Let the thrusting shaft do all the work while you sit back and relax. ” It all vibrates making sure you can feel the pleasure everywhere.” – Savannah, Amazon Review, 2016. The spinning beads give additional stimulation and massage your g-spot. The rabbit extension will send powerful pulsations to your engorged clit while your partner watches and becomes more aroused! Now you’re both ready to go!

Read the reviews for this Stroking Rabbit on Amazon!


Illuminate Power Bullet

bullet vibrator clitoral sitmulator

“The speed settings give a great selection of variety, and the bullet’s shape add a little something extra to keep things new. I definitely love this one!” – Amazon Customer, Amazon Review, 2016

Turn on your partner with the radiant light of the Illuminate Power Bullet! They’ll love to watch what you’re doing to them under the bright light that shines from the penis shaped bullet! Realistic textures on the penis head will give you incredible stimulation. “Very happy with this product. It can do amazing things to you…” – Kelly Ross, Amazon Review, 2016. Take turns on each other with the easy to use remote control! Pick one of 7 powerful pulsations to drive your lover crazy with lust! This bullet has a satin finish that glides over your skin for a sensual experience.

Find the Illuminate Power Bullet and read reviews from other women!

Tickling Bunny Cock Ring

vibrating cock ring“Different sexual positions allow for the rabbit ears and vibration to cause intriguing stimulation and excitement.” – Jacqueline, Amazon Review, 2016

Cock rings are used by many people to increase stamina and create unbelievably hard erections! The Tickling Bunny Cock Ring is so great because unlike most vibrating rings, this one has a rabbit that extends 2” forward and hangs down for the most intense clitoral stimulation! “The vibration & tickling it provides right on your clit is fantastic…” – Teresa, Amazon Review, 2016. Made from pliable TPE, this ring is so comfortable and stretches to twice its size.

Increase your sex drive! Read the reviews for Tickling Bunny Cock Ring!

Alex Silicone Realistic Vibrator

realistic vibrating dildo

“Most ‘realistic’ toys end up being a disappointment because they’re too soft, but Alex is firm with skin-like surface.There are multiple speeds and pulsation settings. So you’re bound to find the right one for you…” – JenWil81, Amazon Review, 2015

Pink B.O.B.’s Alex Silicone Realistic Vibrator is here to give you surreal pleasure! There are ridges and veins on the shaft, to give you real-life sensations. There are 10 unique speeds and functions, ensuring pleasure for every user. “It is realistic looking, and very firm. Not soft. It has 10 different settings that are easily set by pushing a small heart-shaped button on the end of the dildo. I’m very happy with the size of Alex. Not too big, not too small. It is the easiest vibrator to clean.” – Ventana, Amazon Review, 2015 This penis shaped vibrator is even waterproof ladies! But you don’t have to use this stimulator alone! If you need an extra boost during intercourse with your partner, Alex is the perfect aid. With a more slender design, this realistic dildo is non-threatening to the man in your life. Use the narrower head to stimulate your clitoris as your lover goes deep inside you.

Find out the comments women are making about the Alex Silicone Vibrator!

Silicone Love Bunny
vibrating clit massager

“This Pink B.O.B. Love Bunny is so super cute… Because of the bunny size, it is easy to clean and store. Perfect for beginners!” – Brooks, Amazon Review, 2016

This adorable clitoral stimulator offers more than just good looks! The Silicone Love Bunny features ten powerful speeds and pulsation patterns for customized pleasure. It’s made from hypoallergenic silicone for safety and easy cleaning! “It is also cute so that makes it even better!” – Nikki ditch, Amazon Review, 2016. Turn on this vibe with the large button at the base! Stimulate your lover during oral sex for new sensations. Let your lover tickle your nipples and thighs with the fluttering rabbit ears! Apply direct vibrations to your clit during intercourse for heavenly orgasms!

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Dare Silicone Anal Toy

silicone vibrating anal toy

“The plug itself is super easy to use and the elongated base makes for a snug, no slip fit.” – PrettiPrincess, Amazon Review, 2016

Whether you’re a man or a woman you can increase your sex drive with a toy like Dare Silicone Anal Toy! Experience a whole new world of butt play with this quality silicone toy! Don’t be afraid, it’s only 3.5″ of insertable length and 1.25″ in diameter! “For those who are new to toys and worry about them getting ‘stuck’ or ‘lost’, the handle brings peace of mind without being uncomfortable.” – Skyblue, Amazon Review, 2016. If you’re an advanced player you will love the powerful vibrations and ten functions! The remote lets you change the pulsation in any position. A flared base keeps this toy in place and makes sure it does not slip! Explore your bottom with this amazing little toy!

Read the Amazon reviews for the Dare Silicone Anal Toy!


Cuddly Cub Cock Ring
vibrating penis ring sex toy

Want your man to have an extra hard cock? Try out the Cuddly Cub Cock Ring! This device is designed to restrict blood flow to his penis and give him a solid erection! If he has a larger shaft, this ring is perfect. The inner diameter is 1.28” which is larger than most of the cock rings that you will find. This cock ring is incredibly stretchy TPE material. “It is waterproof. It can fit most because of it being so soft and stretchy. It is comfortable while it is on. Not too tight.” – Jacinda Rilla Wright, Amazon Review, 2016. The bullet is so strong and will deliver 7 amazing pulsations during penetration! This cute bear will caress your clit with direct stimulation!

Find the Cuddly Cub Cock Ring on Amazon and read the reviews!


Divine Wand Massager

Divine Wand Massager” When turned on high this little wand is magnificently transformed into a high vibration simulator that will knock your socks off! Don’t let the small design fool you…”  – Amber Goode, Amazon Review, 2014

If you want something that can buzz you to ecstasy, you need the Divine Wand Massager! This small, sexy stimulator is perfect for any woman who loves the strength of an electric massager but wants something a bit smaller and lighter. “I can easily slip this little gem in my purse and take it with me wherever I go! The shaft is smooth and contoured to fit comfortably in my hand.” – Renee Beckman, Amazon Review, 2015 It may be battery-operated, but this two-speed vibrator packs a powerful punch!

Women are thrilled about the size and power of this wand! Read the reviews!

Lust Body Wand

Silicone Rechargeable Wand Vibrator“This Pink B.O.B silicone vibrator massager is amazing! It is super high quality and is sure to please! I am SO impressed with the various speeds and rhythms”  –  Mindy Otis, Amazon Review, 2015

If you are looking for a vibrator that has a little bit of everything, your search ends here! The Lust Body Wand is a powerful electric personal massager that will seduce you in ways you have never known! “Who knew a rechargeable could be so powerful…I honestly am looking at this for Xmas presents this year, because I know my friends will love me.” Girlie G, Amazon Review, 2015 Like high-quality materials? This stimulator is made of silky silicone that is soft to the touch and easy to clean. Plus, it’s hypoallergenic! Like variety? This body wand has multi-function vibrations! Like portability? This vibe is cordless! Just plug it in to charge the internal battery and then unplug it to experience the most intense vibrations!

Read why women are in love with the Lust Body Wand!



Dream Compact Massage Wand

Electric Wand Vibrator“I love that you don’t have to worry about the drainage of batteries. It is nice and discreet. [It] works awesome getting those hard to reach areas. I will definitely recommend this massager to anyone and everyone I know.”  –  Heather Harrel, Amazon Review, 2015

The Dream Compact Massage Wand is the newest toy to be released from upcoming sexual wellness company Pink B.O.B.!  “This is a great toy that is truly powerful… I’ve had a lot of fun playing with this product and I have to say it is definitely one of the best.” Angela Christine, Amazon Review, 2015 With incredibly powerful vibrations, a small, slim profile that’s perfect for traveling, and an extra long cord, the Dream Compact Massage Wand is the next big thing in sex toys!

Check Out Why People Are Dreaming About The Dream Compact Massage Wand!


Taylor Pocket Massager

Pocket Massager Clitoral Vibrator

“I really enjoy using it with my partner, it helps me meet my climax multiple times.” – Jukiology, Amazon Review, 2015

Every woman needs a “pocket rocket” clitoral vibrator! Taylor Pocket Massager is a miniature stimulator that features a removable silicone cap. Women can use the tickling cover to flutter over their clit for a tickling sensation. “This vibrator is great for both solo play and with a partner. It mimics the feeling of a soft concentrated tickle.” – Ms. B, Amazon Review, 2015 Remove the cap to stimulate with the metal nubs positioned underneath that will deliver more intense vibrations! This little vibe is great for arousal and getting you to climax!

Find out what other women are saying about Taylor Pocket Massager!


Abby’s Climbing Rabbit Vibe

dual vibrator sex toy


“The raised Veins, the clitoral stimulator, the width and length, the vibration. For me its all perfect! …The thing that I love most… Its waterproof! I can escape to my shower and have some fun me time! This is now in with all my favorite toys that I use often!” – Brandy Monday, Amazon Review, 2015

You don’t need to be a single woman to experience the thrills of a dual stimulator! Even if you’re in a relationship, Abby’s Climbing Rabbit Vibe has something to offer. This vibrator is just the right size to incorporate into sex with your lover. “I love that this toy is latex free…The speed is wonderful on the toy and the material is flexible which came in handy…” – ashley reems, Amazon Review, 2015 Abby is waterproof so you and your partner can have a sexual rendezvous in the shower!

Ladies LOVE the dual stimulation of Abby’s Climbing Rabbit Vibe! Read more here!


Val’s Multi-Speed Vibrator

Penis Vibrator Sex Toy

“My first time buying a toy for myself!  I have to say, I am quite impressed.  It only needs one AA battery and it’s ready to go.  The texture feels really smooth, it’s kind of jelly-like, but it is no way too hard.  The vibration is impressive, it really does it’s job.”  –  Gisselle Marie, Amazon Review, 2015

Are you looking for your first toy?  Then check out Val’s Multi-Speed Vibrator!  Designed with the beginner in mind, this toy is sure to satisfy!  The varying speeds are perfect for those who want to build up to the big “O”, and the soft jelly material is smooth and comfortable.  “This mini vibration massager is great and well made!  I love the fact [that] its mini and fits in the palm of my hand for easy handling!  It’s nice soft and flexible!  The best part is its waterproof, so you can take it with you in the bath/shower!”  –  Mindy, Amazon Review, 2015  Take the Val in the bath or shower for a steamy good time!  It’s 100% waterproof and very flexible, to bend with you into any position you can think of!

Get your new favorite toy, and see what customers like you have had to say about the Val Multi-Speed Vibe!


Layla Lipstick Vibe

Lipstick Clit Vibrator

“This tiny vibe packs a punch. It is the size of a real lip stick and looks just like one too!” – 1989, Amazon Review, 2015

If you’re like most women, you love clitoral attention! With Layla Lipstick Vibe you can directly stimulate your clit in style! “It’s small and blends in with the other items that I keep in my purse and the best part is no one knows what it is but me.” – Mom’s Time Out Chair, Amazon Review, 2015 A single vibration setting allows a woman to get satisfaction without the hassle of choosing between extravagant functions! Use this vibrator during sex while your partner does his job and you’ll have a more intense orgasm than you ever expected! It’s even waterproof! What more can you ask for?

Check out Amazon reviews on Layla Lipstick from women like you!

Paris Nubby Teaser

clitoral vibrator sex toy

“This is a great little toy to add a little spice to your bedroom life! The little nubs on it are perfect for stimulating the outside… It’s made of a soft silicone making it easy to clean and gentle on all your girly bits.” – Amber Dawn, Amazon Review, 2015

If  you’re looking for external stimulation, Paris Nubby Teaser is the toy for you. With textures designed to excite the clitoris, it will have you screaming with pleasure! It is made from 100% Silicone. “The material is very smooth and soft to the touch. It has various vibration patterns.The nubs on it are great! …It’s got a nice little hum to it when turned on, not very loud at all.” – The Bees Knees, Amazon Review, 2015 Paris is ideal for masturbation or use during sex! The small size makes it easy to use with a partner. Tease each other with the amazing sensations of this vibe during foreplay! There are so many ways you can incorporate this toy into your sexual routine.

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The Rose G-Spot Vibe

G Spot Vibrator

“This g-spot finder is amazing!”  – phat31, Amazon Review, 2014

Have you heard the buzz about blended orgasms?  Or the whispers about the fabled “g-spot orgasm”?  Well stop gossiping and start experiencing for yourself what everyone’s talking about with The Rose G-Spot Vibe!  “I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to step out of the normal range of vibrators and experience something on a whole new level!” Sara Spears, Amazon Review, 2015  The Rose G-Spot Vibe has an angled bulb which delivers intense vibrations directly to the g-spot, leading to explosive orgasms!  The firm shaft allows for deep penetration, and the Rose is completely waterproof, so you can get wet and wild even in the bath or shower

Find out what women like you are saying about the Rose G-Spot Vibe!


Aaron Mini Clit Vibe

vibrating clit stimulator

“It is as discreet as you can get! You almost can’t hear it at all. It wipes clean easily as well. It works well and I like that the control has multiple speeds with the sliding switch.” – AliCat, Amazon Review, 2015

Aaron Mini Clit Vibe is created for women like you! This clitoral stimulator is 2.5 inches for a completely portable toy! There are multiple speeds that you can aim directly onto your clitoris for maximum stimulation. “The size and shape, makes it incrediably easy to hit your sweet spot. This SHOULD be your new traveling companion. No more boring times with this little toy in tow. It is perfect for solo play, or use it along with your partner to have an extra special orgasm.” – Lori Hudson, Amazon Review, 2015 Women love how cute this vibe is! It’s a must have for any collection! You can take this tiny friend everywhere you go. Keep it a secret in your pocket; whip it out when you need a quick relief!

Check out the Aaron Mini Clit Vibe reviews from other women on Amazon!

Tate Multi-Speed Vibrator

realistic vibrator sex toy dildo

“It’s realistically sized which makes it wonderful compared to over sized bulky toys. The vibrations are strong but the toy is quiet. It’s waterproof which is an awesome added plus.” – Bee T, Amazon Review, 2015

Are you a single lady? Is your husband/boyfriend away? Looking for a threesome without the third person? You should check out Tate Multi-Speed Vibrator! This vibrator is designed to simulate a real life cock, veins and all! It has the added bonus of multiple speeds! “It works great, has a nice speed & vibration to it & the best part is the fact that it’s not too hard & it moves & bends nicely! The rubber is great & it’s a well made toy.” – Kelli, Amazon Review, 2015 Take it in the shower for some wet and wild fun! Use this with your partner for double penetration! Tate is flexible and smooth to deliver the most pleasure possible!

Read reviews for Tate Multi-Speed Vibrator on Amazon!

Jay’s Suction Cup Dildo

Suction Cup Realistic Dildo

“Definitely my new best friend!  I would have to say this toy quenches my desire for a larger girth toy.”  –  prettyplayful, Amazon Review, 2015

This big boy is here to grant your every wish.  With a sturdy suction cup base, molded head, and intricately detail balls, Jay’s Suction Cup Dildo is sure to please anyone looking for a life-like dildo.  “Definitely a pleasing experience.  I very much enjoy the texture of this toy – meaning, it has veins and a defined head which makes it much more ‘penis-esque’ in my opinion. ”  –  Mika Rissmiller, Amazon Review, 2015  Jay’s Suction Cup Dildo is hypoallergenic, latex-free, phthtalate-free, and non-toxic, so it’s safe even for those with known allergies and sensitivities.  Stick his sturdy suction cup to almost any flat surface and enjoy hours of throbbing, pounding satisfaction!  He never needs a break!

See what consumers are saying about Jay’s Suction Cup Dildo!


Rippled Silicone Vibrator

silicone vibrator adult novelty

“This Pink B.O.B 10 function silicone vibrator was the perfect choice and I recommend it to anyone and everyone. It is very pleasurable and I loved all 10 settings.” – Ambersjax, Amazon Review, 2015

The Rippled Silicone Vibrator features 10 functions of pulsations and vibrations. Not many vibrators have a texture like this! The rippled shaft will give you added sensations for lovely orgasms. Stimulate your clitoris or g-spot with this toy’s curved tip! It’s body-safe silicone for durability and easy cleaning. “…my favorites are the ones that have the velvety feel to them, they are very soft silicone and are feel very pleasant to touch and to be touched with. This one is pretty amazing it has 10 different functions.” – Sparjenn, Amazon Review, 2015 The soft silicone makes this vibrator safe for anal use as well. 4.875” of insertable ripples will give you the most intense orgasms ever!

Why are women so thrilled about the Rippled Silicone Vibrator? Read why on Amazon!

Desire Cordless Body Wand

Rechargeable Body Wand Vibrator

“I have over a thousand adult toys… I actually do have one of the more popular name brand wands, and this one really is as good as that one… there is not a whole lot of difference and at a fraction of the price!”  –  Taken by the best! (Top 500 Reviewer), Amazon Review, 2015

The Desire Cordless Body Wand is a new take on an old classic.  Wand style vibrators have reached cult status in the world of sex toys, but their major drawback is the clunky cord that tangles and gets in the way.  The Desire Cordless Body Wand does away with the bulky cord and instead delivers 10 amazing vibrating functions in one easy-to-use, rechargeable package.  “If you are looking for the toy to replace all toys, this is it!  Plus, who doesn’t like cordless?..This wonderful toy sends sensations anywhere you use it!”  –  Mrs Biggs, Amazon Review, 2015 

Read the rave reviews of the Desire Cordless Body Wand and get yours today! 


The Ultimate Silicone G-Vibe

Silicone G Spot Dual Stimulator

“This toy does not disappoint! Visually and physically appealing, it will definitely be a staple in my lineup.” – Jessica D., Amazon Review, 2015

Sometimes one type of stimulation just isn’t enough to get the job done.  That’s when you need The Ultimate Silicone G-Vibe.  If you want dual stimulation and an incredible amount of options, then this high-quality toy is the one for you. “Let me start off by saying that the silicone material on this stimulator is amazingly soft. I have other adult items that I thought were soft, but this actually has them beat.” – Reviewer Girl, Amazon Review, 2015 The Ultimate Silicone G-Vibe is a one of a kind toy that every woman deserves to have in her toy box!

Check out the ‘buzz’ about the Ultimate Silicone G-Vibe and find yours!

Liam Multi Speed Vibrator

G Spot Vibrator

“This is a toy every female should own no matter your experience level…When you turn it on it has a moderate sound level, but once you put it to use all you’ll hear is your own moaning!  You like vibrations?  Well this toy has various speeds that guarantee you will be rode hard and put away wet,”  –  Frst1free, Amazon Review, 2014

Ooh La La!  The Liam Multi Speed Vibrator is here to take you tiptoeing thru the tulips!  This fantastic little vibe is relatively small, with an insertable length of only 3 inches, but it makes up for its small size with plenty of power!  “I really enjoyed this toy a lot!..I love how the toy is designed.  It has a round head that hits my g-spot really well.  It has a rubber feel to it, and feels great inside you.  I love that it has little nubs that massage my clit so I’m getting lots of pleasure.  This one got me off really fast!..I recommend this toy for all toy users, beginners or experts…Definitely give this toy a go, its worth the money!”  –  Stacey, Amazon Review, 2015  The Liam Multi Speed Vibrator is made of the safest latex and phthalate-free materials, for the most comfortable climax you’ve ever had!

Learn more and find your new battery operated boyfriend today!



Love Balls

kegel balls sex toy

“I think every woman can use these, especially if you have had children.  It does bring an extra level of pleasure I wasn’t aware I was missing!”  –  Girlie G, Amazon Review, 2015

If you’ve always been curious about kegel exercises, but don’t know where to start, then allow me to introduce the  Love Balls.  These incredible little Love Balls are small enough for a beginner, but have enough weight to make them an effective workout even for someone who regularly tones their pelvic muscles.  “I’ve tried these kegel balls a few times since I received them about two weeks ago, and I’ve noticed a definite improvement in the strength of my vaginal muscles.  My pelvic floor isn’t quite what it used to be after a few kids, so I love knowing that the stronger muscles are helping me with bladder control…”  –  R.S.Brown, Amazon Review, 2015  The Pink B.O.B. Love Balls are sure to make your orgasms longer, stronger, and more frequent!

See the reviews left by real people like you and pick up your Love Balls today!



The Riley 7″ Suction Cup Vibrating Dildo

Realistic Vibrating Dildo

“What can I say?!  Sorry, Hubby, I really don’t need you anymore!..I was able to achieve orgasm very quickly with this toy…This is my favorite toy!”  –  Kimberlina Floyd, Amazon Review, 2015

The Riley Suction Cup Dildo  is THE answer for women who are craving the full feeling of a cock, but want the amazing stimulation only a vibrator can offer.  “This is absolutely amazing.  The different functions are very nice and the rotating head makes sure you hit the spot!  The suction is amazing and was able to lift a 15 lb stool!”  –  SillyWorld12610, Amazon Review, 2015  The Riley Suction Cup Dildo is 7 full inches of throbbing multi-function fun!  There are veins covering the shaft. This dildo has a molded head and balls that will stimulate and tease!  Riley will never let you down, just stick him to a flat surface and take your fill!

Look at what others have to say about The Riley 7″ Vibrating Suction Cup Dildo!



Cherry’s Vibrating Twister Butt Plug

Vibrating Butt Plug

“I have owned anal toys in the past and none of them compare to this one!!!  It’s amazing! It has 10 different vibration patterns that feel so good…”  –  Stacey, Amazon Review, 2015

If you’re looking for an electrifying way to reinvigorate the bedroom, then look no further than Cherry’s Vibrating Twister Butt Plug!  This little plug is the perfect size for beginning anal explorers, but the sweet little vibes bring something new that even the most seasoned back-door aficionado could appreciate.  “I’m not new to anal play but this was my first vibrating plug.  I truly enjoyed this toy!  The size is nice, definitely comfortable for solo play and double penetration.”  –  BooksNStuff, Amazon Review, 2015  Cherry’s Vibrating Twister Butt Plug is a fantastic, unintimidating way to explore double penetration or solo anal play!

Scope out all the reviews and see what people think about Cherry’s Vibrating Twister Butt Plug!



Multi-Speed Realistic Vibrator

realistic vibrator

“This is very flexible but very real feeling. The vibrations are just right. They hit all the right spots.” – Just me, Amazon Review, 2015

Woah! Check out this vibrant blue realistic vibrator! It has realistic veins all over the shaft for incredible vaginal stimulation! This Realistic Multi-Speed Vibrator has a multi-speed dial for easy use during penetration! “This Realistic Penis Vibrator sex toy is the perfect size and has a very realistic feel with the circumcised like tip and veins down the shaft.” – imamanda369, Amazon Review, 2015 Stimulate your clitoris with the realistically detailed head! It’s flexible so you can use this in any position and bend it to hit your g-spot!

Read the reviews for the Multi-Speed Realistic Vibrator!

Dev’s 10 Function Prostate Stimulator

Prostate Vibrator Sex Toy

“This thing rocks! It is way more than I expected from a $15 toy…This would be a great toy from beginners as well as people who are very into anal play…”  –  Happy, Amazon Review, 2015

Dev’s 10 Function Prostate Stimulator  is a high-quality silicone vibrator designed to specifically stimulate a man’s prostate.  The gentle curve presses right against the prostate gland, delivering ten functions of intense stimulation directly where it’s needed.  “We had a fantastic evening exploring each other with this toy...Because of the size, texture and variable vibration, this is a great toy for beginners and more experienced anal players alike.  We already can’t wait to play with it again!”  –   purplefrog, Amazon Review, 2015  Dev’s 10 Function Prostate Stimulator was designed for comfort and pleasure, give it a try and blow his mind today!

Learn more about how other couples have incorporated Dev’s 10 Function Prostate Massager into their sex lives! 



Lexi’s Tight Pussy

Best Sex Toys Male Stroker

“It’s a great feeling toy and really gets the job done.  I would recommend this, especially for a guy. There [aren’t] any complicated buttons or speeds you have to worry about.  Lube it up and you are ready to go!”  –  JenZ, Amazon Review, 2015

Finally a toy that is just for men! Lexi’s Tight Pussy Male Stroker is designed to deliver amazing stimulation along the entire length of your man’s shaft. There is a sucking sensation that is produced when using this toy. “All men should spend some time on their own personal toy box.  This stroker should be in there.  Super squishy and durable, this toy is made for pleasure and pleasure it does…If you are looking for a stroker for some added fun this should be number one on your list!”  –  Amber Livingston, Amazon Review, 2015  Lexi’s Tight Pussy is made of durable TPR, which is clear so you can watch as he grows harder and harder.  There are two easy-grip holes on the outside of the shaft, so no matter how slick and sloppy things get, you’ll have a handle on him.

Don’t just take my word on it, read the reviews to find out what men have to say about Lexi’s Tight Pussy!


April’s Rabbit
dual stimulating vibrator

Experience dual stimulation while you massage your g-spot! April’s Rabbit is designed to give you maximum g-spot stimulation while you masturbate. The spiral textures will massage your vaginal walls to orgasm! You’ll love how the clitoral tickler has its own vibrating motor! This vibe offers multiple speeds for perfect stimulation every time.

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