Adult Toys To Increase Sex Drive

We all need a little boost in the bedroom now and then.  A low sex drive can be cause by a lot of different things, anything from low self-confidence to stress can affect how you get in the mood.  These toys will help increase your sex drive through a variety of methods.  From vibrators that deliver dual stimulation to male strokers which can improve your stamina, we have something for everyone!

Bunny Tickler Pocket Massager

clitoral vibrator pocket rocket sex toy

“I think it’s great for clitoral stimulation and it’s great for foreplay, personal playtime, or even during sex. I was amazed at how powerful this little bunny guy is!” – Faithsmommy2, Amazon Review, 2016

If you need to increase your sex drive, foreplay is always a viable option. Get you or your partner going with a toy like the Bunny Tickler Pocket Massager! This power-packed vibe offers incredibly sensual stimulation with fluttering ears and a tickling nose. “Due to it’s small size and powerful motor, this is the perfect travel vibe! It’s motor, for its size, is super powerful.” – CJ Williams, Amazon Review, 2016. Use this vibrator on your own nipples and other arousing areas to get yourself going before your partner gets home! Then use it on them to start an incredible sexual experience. Want more intense, direct vibrations? Take off the jelly attachment and get down and dirty!

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Jaguar Cock Ring
vibrating cock ring

“We had a lot of fun with this toy.
This toy is very soft and stretchy which is great.” – Sheila B., Amazon Review, 2016

Slip the Jaguar Cock Ring on your man tonight and experience amazing sex! This penis ring will squeeze his shaft and create an insanely hard erection! It even temporarily increases the girth of the penis! “You can use it with your partner or by yourself simply just by removing the bullet.” – Eliza, Amazon Review, 2016. He will be able to keep that hard-on all night thanks to this sexual enhancer. During penetration you will even have added clitoral stimulation from the vibrating bullet! Clitoral and vaginal stimulation will drive you to intense climaxes!

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Breathable Ball Gag
sex toy ball gag

“This was a great find…It was breathable and comfortable to use.” – second cup, Amazon Review, 2016

Increase your sex drive by exploring some new sexual realms! BDSM is often fun for people who are in a healthy, trusting relationship. It’s a great way to experiment and start up that sex drive! The Breathable Ball Gag is designed for beginners. Experienced users will find this toy easy to use and comfortable as well! You can adjust the comfortable strap to fit perfectly around their head. The ball has built in air holes to assure safe bondage play. “You are able to breathe out the holes.” – telia harness, Amazon Review, 2016. Your submissive will feel at ease and be more likely to try it out!

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Temptation Silicone Anal Stimulator

anal sex toy


“WOW!! This is the best dildo I have had for double penetration. The dildo is so soft and smooth and silky. It just feels great on the skin.” – Cherry, Amazon Review, 2016

Lacking something in the bedroom? Hype up you and your partner’s sex drives with a new toy! Let your partner watch you use the Temptation Silicone Anal Stimulator on yourself! Your lover will become so aroused watching you masturbate with this toy in your ass! It’s made from silky, flexible silicone for extreme comfort. “This is a perfect anal vibrator for newbies or someone who is sensitive. It is just the right size to be pleasureful with zero pain.” – Ally’s Real Reviews, Amazon Review, 2016. The ribbed texture and strong pulsations will arouse you, too! Let your partner control the vibrations with the easy-to-use remote for exciting play!

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Double Trouble Vibrating Ring
vibrating penis ring

“Both vibrators have a cool, fun ribbed texture that allows for maxium pleasure as well.” – MyStyleSpot, Amazon Review, 2016

You can increase your man’s sex drive by try just one device! The Double Trouble Vibrating Ring is equipped with two strong bullets for amazing stimulation. One ring sits around his shaft for an enhanced erection and the other goes around his balls for delayed ejaculation. His package actually become enlarged from the decreased blood flow to his penis! You can have a throbbing cock inside you with just one simple toy! “This ring is a definite game changer in the bedroom.” – Amazon Review, 2016. The bullets will give you intense stimulation right where you need it for amazing orgasms.

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Flexi Plug Anal Toy

flexible anal plug

“…I was really surprised how much it heightened the experience with my partner when he used this on me during intercourse.” – Erin, Amazon Review, 2016

Anal toys can make sex so much better! The Flexi Plug Anal Toy can be used during intercourse for incredible stimulation! Insert the comfortable tapered plug and enjoy the pleasure bulbs! Once in place, the flared suction cup base will stay just where you want it to! “This being made of firm yet flexible jelly will make this very comfortable and less intimidating.” – T tanner, Amazon Review, 2016. When your partner enters you he will notice how tight your pussy feels from the pressure of the butt plug! This increases sensation for both of you! If you’re new to anal play don’t worry—this toy is extremely flexible and comfortable for beginners or advanced users!

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The Julian Multi-Level Vibrator

G Spot Vibrator Sex Toy “Oh Me!  Oh My!  Meet Julian, The G-Spot Vibrator for women.  You can thank me later for the introduction, because once you spend some time with him, you will be  in complete nirvana….I am in complete awe!”  – Lori Hudson, Amazon Review, 2015

The Julian Multi-Level Vibrator was designed to contour to a woman’s curves, and to deliver incredible vibrating sensations directly to the g-spot.  “EXPERIENCE INCREDIBLE G-SPOT ORGASMS with this vibrator for women!  This adult novelty was specifically designed to help women have intense G-spot orgasms, which are difficult to achieve through sex or masturbation…This G-spot massager has clit-tickling nubs at its base to give you amazing internal and external stimulation!..This will help you achieve g-spot climax and even give you blended orgasms!”  –  Victoria Smith, Amazon Review, 2015  This g-spot stimulator’s unique shape and clitoris stimulating nubs help to make this one of the best vibrators for targeting the g-spot and having blended orgasms.

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Lust Body Wand

Rechargeable Body Wand Vibrator“This Pink B.O.B silicone vibrator massager is amazing! It is super high quality and is sure to please! I am SO impressed with the various speeds and rythmns”  –  Mindy Otis, Amazon Review, 2015

If you are looking for a vibrator that has a little bit of everything, your search ends here! The Lust Body Wand is a powerful electric personal massager that will seduce you in ways you have never known! “Who knew a rechargeable could be so powerful…I honestly am looking at this for Xmas presents this year, because I know my friends will love me.” Girlie G, Amazon Review, 2015 Like high-quality materials? This stimulator is made of silky silicone that is soft to the touch and easy to clean. Plus, it’s hypoallergenic! Like variety? This body wand has multi-function vibrations! Like portability? This vibe is cordless!

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Dream Compact Massage Wand

Vibrating Wand Massager“This has become my favorite toy in my whole collection! It is powerful, easy to use, mess free, and I find it on the quieter side when it comes to vibrators.” – Amanda Ducey, Amazon Review, 2015

The Dream Compact Massage Wand is the perfect toy for spicing up things in the bedroom! This brand new offering from Pink B.O.B. is a great way to introduce sexual toys into your lovemaking. Start by giving your lover a sexy and relaxing massage on their shoulders and back, then slowly work your way down to their most intimate parts! Let the powerful vibrations do the sweet-talking for you, and watch their arousal grow! The Dream Compact Massage Wand is great to incorporate into your foreplay.

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The Jesse Finger Vibe

finger clit vibrator“When I wrapped [this toy] around my finger, and turned it on, I was kind of blown away by the power! The silicone material that it’s made out of is very soft, but the bumpy texture is very nice also.  I like the fact that this is super tiny, it’s easy to hide from nosey people…This is just a fun cute little toy to have some new foreplay with.  You can never have too much spice!”  –  Ann (Top 500 Reviewer), Amazon Review, 2015

The Jesse Finger Vibe is a fun and flirty addition to any sex toy collection!  Bring your partner to a wild orgasm with just the flick of your finger!  So discreet, you can bring it with you when traveling, and use almost anywhere!  “Great for foreplay.  Put it on your finder or your lover’s finger.  Send vibrations to all the hot spots you want to.  Made of soft material with little nubs on it to get you to your orgasm.  Fits great, enjoy it by yourself or [with a] partner.”  –  Kristy Nielsen, Amazon Review, 2015  Try this mini finger vibrator with a partner and put on a show to heat things up, or use it alone to get in the mood for a passionate night of love-making!

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The Adrienne Male Stroker

adrienne_male_stroker“I am going to get the ‘best wife’ award.  I asked [my husband] to tell me about the experiences with this Male Masturbator Toy.  He told me that for him, it is the perfect toy to get ready for love making.  It is a great form of foreplay!”  –  Lori Hudson, Amazon Review, 2015

The Adrienne Male Stroker is the perfect foreplay toy for couples looking to increase their sexual experiences. The three chamber design creates a “sucking” sensation that many men say feels an awful lot like oral sex!  “This male masturbator is perfect for my hubby, it is made of stretchy silicone and is 100% latex free and stretches to fit almost any size penis!  When it arrived he wasted no time to put this to the test, what a happy man!…We really enjoyed this experiment…He is one happy husband!”  –  Beach Bum, Amazon Review, 2015  This masturbatory sleeve can help to increase sexual stamina during sex by giving men a chance to edge, or build their orgasm slowly.  Use lots of water-based lube to make this a smooth and sexy experience!

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Bella’s Curved Dual Stimulator

dual vibrator sex toy“This is the first toy I have every used that had 2 vibrating bullets on it, and it is really intense.  It is very easy to achieve orgasms with this toy…I have to sat that I really enjoy the dual stimulation you get with this toy!”  –  Edith Duncan, Amazon Review, 2015

Bella’s Curved Dual Stimulator has two vibrating eggs, one which caresses the g-spot, and another to deliver strong vibes directly to the clitoris.  “Of all the toys I have, this so far is my favorite.  It is a very soft silicone material, it is flexible but yet strong enough it holds it’s form.  Right away when turning it on I could tell the immense vibrations came from both the tip and the stimulator…It is truly one of the quietest toys I have ever had…There was nothing more needed than just this toy alone to make magic happen!”  –  CH2002, Amazon Review, 2015  This pink beauty is completely waterproof, so you can get wet and wild in the bath or shower, and has an easy-to-use dial which controls the fantastic vibrations!  This “Rabbit”-style vibrator will surely get you in the mood for some toe-curling hanky-panky with your lover!

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Love Balls

kegel balls“Love these Love Balls!!!  I own many products from Pink B.O.B. and I must say I have NEVER been disappointed!..These kegel balls are FANTASTIC for toning your PC muscles and helping to gain more control over your bladder…Greatly improve your sexual health!..Thank you Pink B.O.B.!”  –  NOLA Chicks POV, Amazon Review, 2015

The Love Balls are the ideal addition to your regular kegel exercises.  The Love Balls help you make the most out of each contraction by forcing the vaginal walls to clench, and keep the balls inside.  “I’ve tried these kegel balls a few times since I received them about two weeks ago, and I’ve noticed a definite improvement in the strength of my vaginal muscles.  My pelvic floor isn’t quite what it used to be after a few kids, so I love knowing that the stronger muscles are helping me with bladder control.”  –  R.S.Brown, Amazon Review, 2015  Use ben-wa balls to strengthen your PC muscles to help with bladder control, tighten your vagina back to a pre-pregnancy state, and achieve longer, stronger, and more frequent orgasms.

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The Casey Male Stroker

Male Sex Toy Pussy“I got this for my boyfriend for when he goes out of town for work.  He took this with him when he went out of town a few days ago and told me this is a great toy and very intense. This toy is open on both ends to ensure any man can use it and not bottom out…Would recommend this for any single guy or a husband/boyfriend that goes out of town a lot.”  –  imamanda369, Amazon Review 2015

Casey is an essential for any man’s toy box!  The ribbed interior feels fantastic from base to tip!  “I recently introduced my boyfriend to the idea of toys for men and I think he’s hooked!  This sleeve is open at both ends so there isn’t a suction factor, but that also makes it easier to move once it’s on. It’s a fun addition to solo play for him or foreplay for us…There’s nothing too fancy or complicated here, just a simple and fun toy to help add a little something new for anyone with a penis!”  –  Eliza, Amazon Review, 2015  Men can often increase their sexual stamina by using a stroker before engaging in sex, allowing for longer lovemaking sessions and happy ladies!

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Kip’s Silicone Prostate Stimulator

silicone prostate massager“I love the soft ‘velvety’ texture!  It’s very gentle and definitely ‘hits the spot’.  You should give it a try!” – SillyWorld12610, Amazon Review, 2015

Kip’s Silicone Prostate Stimulator is a toy with many uses. Men and women can get a ton of pleasure from this simple little toy.  Specifically designed to stimulate a man’s prostate, it has a slight curve that anyone who like anal play can appreciate.  “I got this for my boyfriend so I can use it on him when we have our foreplay, this toy is for the prostate.  I know most guys would be like ‘Oh No, that thing will not go there.’  Well they don’t know how it feels if they never try it!  So you might have to bargain with him to let you use it on him….Use during intercourse and masturbation to experience satisfaction like never before.  This is for the male G-spot, Yes guys have one too!.. Guys don’t be afraid of this toy!”  –  Fuzzywuzzy, Amazon Review, 2015

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The Jamie 10 Speed Bullet

vibrating clit bullet“Too many toys have two settings – ‘too low to feel’ and ‘too high to handle’!  With the 10 speeds [on this bullet], you have everything from ‘that feels good’ to ‘$@!% YES!’ and everything in between!”  –  T. Honey, Amazon Review, 2015

The Jamie 10 Speed Bullet has a deceptively powerful motor wrapped up in a pretty pink package!  The 10 varying speeds are controlled by the easy-to-use remote.  “First and foremost this is small and easy to use.  All you need are 2 AA batteries and you’re set…Jamie is POWERFUL.  He (or she, if that’s what you’re into) has 10 different pulses and rhythms, so you’re bound to fine one (or ten) that please you…I am VERY (see the caps) happy I have added this to my arsenal.  This is a great toy for beginners or advanced toy people!”  –  ALICIA “Mom of 3 – Accountant”, Amazon Review, 2015  This high-powered bullet vibrator packs quite the punch for such a little package.

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10 Function Realistic Silicone Vibrator

realistic vibrator dildo“This toy is marvelous!  Love the silky soft silicone feel, the variety of vibrations and their intensity [and] the realistic feel when inserted….”  –  Heather, Amazon Review, 2015

The 10 Function Realistic Silicone Vibrator is a great choice for anyone looking to add a little spark in the boudoir.  There are 10 intense vibrating and pulsating functions to make you moan and groan for more!  “This here Realistic Penis Vibrator by Pink B.O.B. makes you say whoa!..It has several different speeds, but what I really enjoyed was the base.  While using it, the base vibrates on your clitoris, to help bring you to the big O!  My husband loves to tease me with it and we use it for foreplay!”  –  Zenobiayj, Amazon Review, 2015  This realistic vibrator is perfect to use in front of a partner for an exotic show he won’t be able to resist!

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Fifi’s Bumpy Vibe

vibrator increase your sex drive“I had never tried a toy with nubs before, so I was nervous but excited.  I was surprised, in a good way, at how much vibration this toy has…It was easy to twist and bend the shaft of this toy, and I was able to get the vibration right on my g-spot as well as massage it with the nubs at the same time.  This was a fantastic sensation!..If you haven’t tried a toy with nubs before, this is a great introduction to them.”  –  purplefrog, Amazon Review, 2014

Fifi’s Bumpy Vibe will bring your lover sensations they’ve never experienced before!  The bumps along the shaft will stimulate and arouse her until she’s begging for more!  “I put it on my clit and my eyes started rolling.  The vibration was strong enough throughout the whole toy. I love how I was able to change the speed of the vibration anyway I pleased…The feeling of the nubs and vibration, plus the gel-like material felt so freaking good. OMG is all I can say at the moment!”  –   Candy Jackson, Amazon Review, 2015  This playfully textured vibrator adds a whole new level of sensational sensual play to the bedroom!  It’s perfect for beginners or advance toy users, and will leave you wet and wanting more!

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